Gedore Tools And In Their Types

GEDORE, a tool maker with its headquarters in Remscheid, celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2019 and looks back on a fruitful and exciting corporate history under the theme "From tradition into the future."

GEDORE represents an all-encompassing, global selection of premium tools, specialized tools, and — at customer request — unique solutions for the various, secure, and expert uses needed by businesses and industries. The goods exhibit the well-known GEDORE quality, and in some cases considerably surpass DIN. Each single GEDORE tool is manufactured with the utmost care, with qualified people, clever construction, premium materials, and cutting-edge production techniques. The GEDORE quality guarantee is supported by a century of forging expertise.

For the Hand Tools, Automotive, and High Torque Tools segments, GEDORE offers a variety of service and information packages. Do you have any inquiries, requests, or other comments for GEDORE Werkzeugfarbik, GEDORE Automotive, or GEDORE Torque Solutions? Utilize the appropriate contact form, and we will swiftly organize your request.

About Gedore Tools

High-performance computers, robotic assembly lines, steel, hefty drop hammers, dies, and blazing-hot tool blanks coexist in this scene. There at the GEDORE tool factory, modern forging coexists peacefully with traditional forging.
The traditional firm has been forging tools there at the Remscheid location since 1919, combining 100 years old forging experience. Both conventional techniques like shape-free forging on an air hammer and cutting-edge, high-tech techniques like autonomous, robot-guided forging on a top pressure hammer have been mastered by our employees. Every forged part, which serves as the building block for every single hand tool, is made to the highest standards thanks to this fusion of tradition and modernity.

Different Types of Gedore Tools and Their Uses?

We hold ourselves to the greatest standards as a GEDORE brand product line. The extensive GEDORE red line appeals to its usability, simplicity, and toughness. The strict product standards are supported by GEDORE's commitment to quality service as the unifying thread throughout our whole selection of instruments. In place of GEDORE Blue, GEDORE Red is a more modern, intelligent, and approachable option. GEDORE Red delivers outstanding value without sacrificing the brand's long-standing reputation for quality and durability, even if GEDORE Blue remains its flagship line.

  • Gedore spanner set - Spanner sets have a high degree of dimensional stability, accuracy, and strength. The greatest alternative for careful and secure work is this. In spanner sets, deformation suggests overload, and bending resistance is quite probable. They are of the highest industrial quality for demanding, protracted use.

  • Gedore pin punch set - Gedore pin punching sets come with warm forged, properly tempered, and hardened pins and come in a metal container with a lid. Additionally, the blue-colored tools have an impact head for safety.

  • Gedore pincer set - The head of the pincer set is polished. Pliers are for heavy-duty use in a pincer set. It has handles covered with a dip coating and cutting edges that have undergone induction hardening. It is made of forged special steel material.

  • Gedore screwdriver - The screwdriver from Gedore Tools is durable, dependable, and wear-resistant. The screwdriver also has optimum torque transferred throughout every screw with more torque than allowed by DIN. The screwdriver has excellent strength, accuracy, and dimensional stability. for careful, reliable work. It is of exceptional industrial quality for prolonged, difficult use.

  • Gedore impact socket set - The impact socket set is made of chrome-molybdenum steel, operated by a machine, surface-phosphate, and held by a safety ring or pin. It is kept inside a sturdy plastic container.

  • Gedore spare tip - For non-tensioned circlips, the standard hole spacing for the spare tip is between 80 and 140 mm. The spreading points for the rings are designed to meet the opening diameter of the non-tensioned circlip.

  • Gedore combination spanners - Spanners are precisely machined and painstakingly forged. It has a UD profile for gentle force transfer and a ring that is 10° offset toward the shaft. The deformation of the spanners suggests overload. The offset ring provides a superior grip for inset or deeply inserted nuts or bolts. It is constructed from top-notch industrial materials for prolonged, demanding use. Thanks to the matte chrome, it appears shiny. 

Jaw: a precise nominal size that has been painstakingly honed for the finest contact areas. A narrow, strengthened end with few ribs ensures maximum torques. Additionally, it has adaptable versions.

High-quality tools for professional use

Everybody who needs high-quality, intelligently built instruments to support their safety can find solutions under the GEDORE brand, which stands for superior quality, expertise, and dependability. The GEDORE Organization has operated the GEDORE and GEDORE red product offerings under the renowned brand since 2018. With them, the producer carries out the GEDORE commitment to provide each customer with the ideal tools for their unique needs and preferences. Featuring customized and unique items, and high-quality instruments that frequently outperform the criteria of the standard. A combination of production, quality, and market requirements led to the introduction of the following product line, GEDORE red. GEDORE red can provide trustworthy professional products that are a wise choice for professionals and DIYers without having to forgo a high-quality manufacturer's performance guarantee by focusing on vital and intelligent strategies.

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