Quick Guide: Components for your Industrial Generator

Ensuring the proper components for your generator, be it diesel or petrol, is of utmost importance. From sturdy handles and heavy-duty door latches to essential cable ties and PCB standoffs, each part plays a crucial role.
This guide aims to assist you in navigating through these component choices and beyond. While generator configurations may vary, typical components like inspection windows are commonly situated on the front or side panels. Rest assured, the recommendations provided here are universally suitable for generators, regardless of placement.
In facilitating the design process of your industrial generator, we offer complimentary CAD files of our solutions for easy access. Additionally, free samples are available for many of our products, allowing you to test them out before making a purchase decision.

Industrial components for your generator

The primary assembly frame serves as the foundation for your generator, providing the structural support onto which industrial generator parts are mounted. For outdoor generators, it is essential to enclose them within a protective frame to shield them from external elements. Conversely, indoor generators may feature an open design or an open frame, but opting for a closed design, commonly referred to as a canopy, offers additional protection and sound dampening. Below are the recommended components for constructing a generator enclosure and for the generator itself.

Generator Doors:

Whether your generator has one or two doors, consider using the following components.

  • - Locking Paddle Latch:
A heavy-duty door latch featuring a cam push lock, available keyed alike or keyed to differ. The lock can be conveniently opened from the inside by moving the brass cam. Compliant with IP54 rating for protection against dust ingress, it offers a choice between silver or black powder-coated finish. Available in stainless steel zinc alloy and nylon variants.

  • - Flush-Cup Recessed T-Handle Latch:
Handles specifically designed for generators, flush-mounted to prevent snagging of clothing or skin. Crafted from stainless steel, they are also offered as a T-handle cam lock option, complete with a steel cam.

  • - Free-Swinging Hinge – Leaf:
A threaded stud-mount leaf hinge suitable for flush-mounted heavy doors, boasting a maximum rotation of 270°. This heavy-duty butt hinge prioritizes security with concealed mounting screws to prevent external access. Suitable for both left- and right-hand applications, it is constructed from zinc alloy.

  • - Free-Swinging Hinge – Countersunk Mount Leaf:
Tamperproof heavy-duty steel hinges with a 270° rotational angle, typically used for plain/flush mounted, isolated heavy doors. Installed using screws or nuts and bolts, it features a black powder-coated finish.

  • - Quarter Turn Latch with Wing Knob and Extra-Long Housing:
Ideal for noise isolation in generators, this latch is supplied with a rubber gasket for enhanced sealing. Crafted from die-cast zinc alloy, it offers options of chrome plating or black powder-coated finish, along with a steel cam.

  • - Sealing Gaskets:
Includes push-on trim in various styles, such as side bubble gasket seals, offering additional seal and protection against generator vibrations, humidity, and dirt ingress. Available in EPDM and PVC variants, weather stripping tape and gasket tape are also viable options, providing corrosion resistance and barrier protection against outdoor elements.

  • - Recessed Handle:
Plastic recessed pull handles in different styles, easily snapping into place. Designed to address safety concerns by eliminating sharp edges, these handles are primarily made of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), with indoor usage extending their lifespan.

Generator side and control panels

If your generator’s control panel will rely on printed circuit board mounting hardware, we’ve included those solutions here.
Often, control panels are located on the side of a generator, but this is not a hard-and-fast rule.

  • Fan Guards:
Metal fan guards serve to prevent debris from falling into the fan blades, averting potential obstructions and bodily harm. With a screw mount application, installation is straightforward. Crafted from steel-wire electroplated material, they offer corrosion resistance.

  • Thumb Screw Knobs – Round:
Plastic knobs designed to cap off standard socket cap head screws, creating a basic round thumb screw. Available in various colors including white, natural, green, blue, red, and black, these knobs offer versatility.

  • Inspection Windows:
Allowing for the viewing of counters, dials, and instruments from outside the generator, inspection windows ensure the good working order of internal components. Equipped with a sealing O-ring to prevent dirt and moisture ingress, they are constructed from durable polycarbonate material.

  • Female-to-Female Standoff:
Essential for generators featuring a printed circuit board design, these round female-to-female PCB standoffs boast a hexagonal bottom. Acting as standoff insulators, they are easily installed by hand and made from nylon 6/6 with brass inserts, also available in male-to-female variants.

  • PCB Edge-Locking Supports – Snap In:
Designed to securely hold the side of the PCB, these snap-in edge-locking supports facilitate quick assembly and easy removal for servicing. Made of nylon, they offer reliable support for the control panel's PCB.

  • Non-Threaded Spacer – Ceramic:
Installed by hand without the need for assembly equipment, these ceramic spacers offer stability and insulation. Operating within a wide temperature range, they ensure optimal performance in varying conditions.

  • LED Lens Holders:
Designed for control panels utilizing LED lights, these holders accommodate standard T-1 3/4 LEDs, transmitting light at a 10˚ angle. Available with or without a sealing O-ring, they are crafted from robust polycarbonate material.

  • Fan Filters – Metal:
Acting as both fan filters and guards, these metal components prevent debris from obstructing fan blades while ensuring efficient cooling of the control panel's electronics. Constructed from aluminum with a stainless-steel filter, they offer durability and reliability.

  • Fan Rivets – Snap:
Streamlining assembly and reducing costs, snap rivets mount fans without the need for screw-nut combinations. Made of nylon 6/6, these fasteners offer secure attachment and are suitable for a wide temperature range.

Top panel components for your generator

Generator manufacturers have to transport their power generator to the customer. This is where the top panel becomes important.

  • Hoist Rings – Safety Engineered:
Essential for both outdoor and indoor generators, safety engineered hoist rings are indispensable for ensuring safe overhead lifts. Available in alloy steel and stainless steel 300 variants to combat corrosion, it is crucial to utilize high-strength screws to meet maximum load capacities.

  • Standard Hex Nuts – Metal:
Utilized with anchors, bolts, screws, studs, threaded rods, and other fasteners featuring machine screw threads, standard hex nuts boast a hexagonal shape for easy fastening or loosening when necessary. Available in mild steel or stainless steel to resist corrosion, they can be paired with single wave spring washers for increased friction and prevention of loosening.

What about the Generator itself?

Look into these components beyond the housing and control panel, which encompass the generator itself.

  • Mounting Cable Ties – Screw:
Streamlining the mounting process, screw mount cable ties combine both a cable tie and a mount in one, expediting installation. Crafted from nylon 6/6, these screw mounts offer enhanced security, making them ideal for indoor generators.

  • Standard Cable Ties – Locking, Weather Resistant:
Designed to withstand outdoor conditions, weather-resistant cable ties are UV resistant and feature a built-in lock system to prevent accidental removal. Manufactured from black nylon 6/6, they ensure reliable performance in various weather conditions.

  • T-Bolt Hose Clamps:
Ensuring a secure seal for hoses amidst generator vibrations, stainless-steel T-bolt hose clamps are specifically engineered for this purpose. The inclusion of a hex nut facilitates easy application or removal using standard tools.

  • Cable Conduit – Plastic:
Minimizing vibration and ensuring flexibility for electrical connections to the generator's conduit box, plastic cable conduit comes in various materials including nylon, HDPE, and PP. Highly flexible with a high fatigue life, it boasts qualities such as high impact strength, self-extinguishing properties, and resistance to UV, solvents, and oils.

  • Vibration Mount Standoffs:
Addressing the issue of generator vibrations, vibration mount standoffs serve as a buffer by absorbing vibrations, consequently reducing noise levels. Constructed from neoprene rubber and steel, they offer an operating temperature range of -40°C to 80°C, providing reliable support amidst varying environmental conditions.

Under the generator

The primary frame assembly, also known as the skid, serves to support heavy-duty generators while ensuring their safe operation by grounding them. This design can accommodate various setups, whether the generator rests directly on the ground or floor, on a concrete plinth, or even on a trailer for transportation to different sites. To mitigate vibrations and safeguard your generator, it's essential to consider incorporating these components between the generator and the skid.

  • Anti-Vibration Mounts – Heavy-Duty Industrial:
For safeguarding parts against the vibrations generated by power systems in generators, heavy-duty industrial anti-vibration mounts are essential. Constructed with a high-strength sandwich-mount design, they effectively reduce shock and vibration by up to 80%. Featuring a large support plate, these mounts ensure precise leveling and prevent any walking or slipping out of position. Crafted from rubber and steel, they offer robust protection.

  • Vibration Mounts – Heavy Duty:
Designed as screw-on feet for various types of generators, heavy-duty screw-on vibration mounts excel in shock absorption and noise reduction, boasting high adhesion to the floor. Crafted from TPE material, they provide reliable support under heavy loads.

  • Stud Mount Levelling Feet:
Perfect for portable generators or those used across different sites, stud mount leveling feet offer adjustable support with a plastic rigid base, effectively countering vibration. With options including steel or low carbon steel for the stud mount and materials like nylon, LDPE, PP, rubber, or PU for the base, users can customize according to their specific needs.

  • Rubber Covers and Pads – Non-Slip:
Industrial adjustable leveling feet benefit from non-slip rubber pads, capable of bearing heavy loads while providing extra friction to prevent movement and slipping. Available as rubber pads suitable for bolting onto surfaces, they offer reliable stability.

  • Castor Wheels – Fixed Plate:
Ideal for portable generators, rubber castor wheels with a fixed plate provide ease of mobility with a full 360˚ rotation and brakes for secure stopping. With a maximum load capacity of 125kg, these castor wheels offer versatility for various applications. For heavier loads, rigid-plate castor wheels are recommended, providing robust support. Explore our comprehensive range of castor wheels for a wider selection.

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