A125 – HSS ST Straight Shank Extra Long Series Drill BS 328


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O’Hares Compenents stockists of Dormer Shank Drill in Ireland has a wide range of A125 – HSS ST Straight Shank Extra Long Series Drill BS 328 and more in stock. Order now for express delievry.

Product Description:

  • General-purpose extra length drills
  • Suitable for drilling up to 10 x diameter in most materials
  • 118° point geometry & steam tempered finish
  • Size range: 1.4-14.0mm, 1/16-1 Inch

For more info regarding drill shank ireland, please contact us and connect us on LinkedIn for regular updates.


Product Description

A125 – HSS ST Straight Shank Extra Long Series Drill BS 328

For more info regarding drill shank ireland, please contact us and connect us on linkedIn for regular updates.

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1" X 460.0mm, 1.40mm X 160.0mm, 1.50mm X 125.0mm, 1.50mm X 160.0mm, 1.80mm X 160.0mm, 1/16" X 125.0mm, 1/16" X 160.0mm, 1/2" X 250.0mm, 1/2" X 310.0mm, 1/2" X 400.0mm, 1/2" X 460.0mm, 1/4" X 200.0mm, 1/4" X 250.0mm, 1/4" X 310.0mm, 1/4" X 400.0mm, 1/4" X 460.0mm, 1/8" X 160.0mm, 1/8" X 200.0mm, 1/8" X 250.0mm, 1/8" X 310.0mm, 10.00mm X 250.0mm, 10.00mm X 310.0mm, 10.00mm X 400.0mm, 10.50mm X 250.0mm, 10.50mm X 310.0mm, 10.50mm X 400.0mm, 11.00mm X 250.0mm, 11.00mm X 310.0mm, 11.00mm X 400.0mm, 11/16" X 310.0mm, 11/16" X 460.0mm, 11/32" X 250.0mm, 11/32" X 310.0mm, 11/32" X 400.0mm, 11/32" X 460.0mm, 11/64" X 160.0mm, 11/64" X 200.0mm, 11/64" X 310.0mm, 12.00mm X 250.0mm, 12.00mm X 310.0mm, 12.00mm X 400.0mm, 13.00mm X 310.0mm, 13.00mm X 400.0mm, 13/16" X 460.0mm, 13/32" X 250mm, 13/32" X 310.0mm, 13/32" X 460.0mm, 13/64" X 200.0mm, 13/64" X 250.0mm, 13/64" X 310.0mm, 14.00mm X 310.0mm, 14.00mm X 400.0mm, 15/16" X 460.0mm, 15/32" X 250.0mm, 15/32" X 310.0mm, 15/32" X 460.0mm, 15/64" X 200.0mm, 15/64" X 250.0mm, 15/64" X 310.0mm, 17/32" X 310.0mm, 17/32" X 460.0mm, 17/64" X 200.0mm, 17/64" X 250.0mm, 17/64" X 460.0mm, 19/32" X 310.0mm, 19/32" X 460.0mm, 19/64" X 310.0mm, 19/64" X 460.0mm, 2.00mm X 125.0mm, 2.00mm X 160.0mm, 2.20mm X 160.0mm, 2.50mm X 125.0mm, 2.50mm X 160.0mm, 21/32" X 310.0mm, 21/32" X 460.0mm, 21/64" X 310.0mm, 21/64" X 460.0mm, 23/32" X 310.0mm, 23/32" X 460.0mm, 23/64" X 310.0mm, 23/64" X 460.0mm, 25/32" X 460.0mm, 25/64" X 310.0mm, 25/64" X 460.0mm, 27/64" X 310.0mm, 29/64" X 310.0mm, 29/64" X 460.0mm, 3.00mm X 160.0mm, 3.00mm X 200.0mm, 3.00mm X 250.0mm, 3.30mm X 160.0mm, 3.50mm X 160.0mm, 3.50mm X 200.0mm, 3.50mm X 250.0mm, 3/16" X 160.0mm, 3/16" X 200.0mm, 3/16" X 250.0mm, 3/16" X 310.0mm, 3/16" X 400.0mm, 3/32" X 125.0mm, 3/32" X 160.0mm, 3/4" X 310.0mm, 3/4" X 460.0mm, 3/8" X 250.0mm, 3/8" X 310.0mm, 3/8" X 400.0mm, 3/8" X 460.0mm, 31/64" X 310.0mm, 31/64" X 460.0mm, 33/64" X 310.0mm, 33/64" X 460.0mm, 35/64" X 310.0mm, 35/64" X 460.0mm, 37/64" X 310.0mm, 39/64" X 310.0mm, 39/64" X 460.0mm, 4.00mm X 160.0mm, 4.00mm X 200.0mm, 4.00mm X 250.0mm, 4.00mm X 310.0mm, 4.50mm X 160.0mm, 4.50mm X 200.0mm, 4.50mm X 250.0mm, 4.50mm X 310.0mm, 5.00mm X 160.0mm, 5.00mm X 200.0mm, 5.00mm X 250.0mm, 5.00mm X 310.0mm, 5.00mm X 400.0mm, 5.50mm X 200.0mm, 5.50mm X 250.0mm, 5.50mm X 310.0mm, 5/16" X 200.0mm, 5/16" X 250.0mm, 5/16" X 310.0mm, 5/16" X 400.0mm, 5/16" X 460.0mm, 5/32" X 160.0mm, 5/32" X 200.0mm, 5/32" X 250.0mm, 5/32" X 310.0mm, 5/64" X 125.0mm, 5/64" X 160.0mm, 5/8" X 310.0mm, 5/8" X 460.0mm, 6.00mm X 200.0mm, 6.00mm X 250.0mm, 6.00mm X 310.0mm, 6.00mm X 400.0mm, 6.50mm X 200.0mm, 6.50mm X 250.0mm, 6.50mm X 310.0mm, 7.00mm X 200.0mm, 7.00mm X 250.0mm, 7.00mm X 310.0mm, 7.50mm X 200.0mm, 7.50mm X 250.0mm, 7.50mm X 310.0mm, 7/16" X 250.0mm, 7/16" X 310.0mm, 7/16" X 400.0mm, 7/16" X 460.0mm, 7/32" X 200.0mm, 7/32" X 250.0mm, 7/32" X 310.0mm, 7/64" X 125.0mm, 7/64" X 160.0mm, 7/8" X 460.0mm, 8.00mm X 250.0mm, 8.00mm X 310.0mm, 8.00mm X 400.0mm, 8.50mm X 250.0mm, 8.50mm X 310.0mm, 9.00mm X 250.0mm, 9.00mm X 310.0mm, 9.00mm X 400.0mm, 9.50mm X 250.0mm, 9.50mm X 310.0mm, 9/16" X 310.0mm, 9/16" X 460.0mm, 9/32" X 200.0mm, 9/32" X 250.0mm, 9/32" X 310.0mm, 9/32" X 460.0mm, 9/64" X 160.0mm, 9/64" X 200.0mm, 9/64" X 310.0mm