A130 – HSS ST Morse Taper Shank Standard Length Drill DIN 345


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O’Hares Compenents stockists of Dormer Shank Drill in Ireland has a wide range of A130 – HSS ST Morse Taper Shank Standard Length Drill DIN 345 and more in stock. Order now for express delievry.

Product Description:

  • Morse Taper Shank Drills for general purpose applications up to 4xD
  • Design minimizes thrust requirements without compromising strength
  • 118° point geometry and blue (steam tempered) finish
  • Also available: TiN coated version (A530), HSCo Bronze finish version (A730), carbide tip version (A166), long series (A350) and extra length versions (A345, A951 & A952)
  • Size range: 2.0-100.0mm, 1/8-3 Inch

For more info regarding drill shank ireland, please contact us and connect us on LinkedIn for regular updates.


Product Description

A130 – HSS ST Morse Taper Shank Standard Length Drill DIN 345

For more info regarding A130 – HSS ST Morse Taper Shank Standard Length Drill DIN 345, please contact us and connect us on linkedIn for regular updates.

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